New City Logo

City of Lafayette Logo

Introducing... your new City logo!

The former City logo had been in use since 1982, and while the design served us well for over three decades, it was due for a redesign to better represent Lafayette's personality and forward momentum.

In September 2014, graphic artists participated in a logo competition to design a new City identifier. City Council and staff reviewed all the designs and narrowed the submissions down to the top three. These three finalists were presented to Lafayette residents who voted for their favorite design - the new City logo you see here.

This mark represents an abstract of Lafayette's view of the mountains and the water of Waneka Lake. The three features also symbolize the "sails" that cover Festival Plaza. The three shapes denote Lafayette's community involvement areas; community life, active lifestyles, sustainable living; and how they come together and interact with one another.

Logo Roll Out

Adoption of the new logo was approved by City Council on November 18, 2014. Residents can expect to see the design begin to appear around town as early as December. A conscientious effort is being made to gradually replace logo items as opposed to immediately performing a broad replacement. The new logo will be incorporated into newly produced items. As inventories of existing items such as stationery and signage are depleted or are in need of replacement, the new logo will be integrated at that time. This practice will ensure a fiscally responsible replacement strategy.