Liquor Licenses


The Lafayette Local Liquor Licensing Authority is composed solely of a hearing officer who shall be responsible for handling all administrative licensing matters and hearings under the Colorado Liquor, Beer, and Special Event Liquor Permits Codes, except as otherwise delegated to the City Clerk.

The authority shall hold a regular meeting once each calendar month unless there is no business to conduct. The authority may unilaterally call special meetings upon and after consultation with the city clerk or the city's clerk's designee. In conformity with applicable statutes and the Lafayette Code of Ordinances, the authority shall have the power to adopt rules of procedure and regulations concerning the matters and hearing that come before it and the presentation of evidence at such hearings.

All hearings before the authority shall be public and shall be conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations concerning the procedures for hearings adopted by the authority.

In the conduct of any hearing, the authority shall have the power to administer oats, issue subpoenas, decide discovery issues, regulate the course of the hearing, grant continuances, decide motions, and exclude incompetent or unduly repetitious testimony of evidence.

Meeting Agendas

Liquor Licenses

All retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, taverns, and clubs must be licensed under the Colorado State Liquor Code. The Lafayette City Council acts as the local licensing authority and the city clerk processes all requests.

Special Event Permits

A special event permit requires the applicant to be a nonprofit organization registered with the Colorado Secretary of State for purposes of social, fraternal, patriotic, political, or athletic activities; a regularly chartered branch, lodge, or chapter of a national organization or society; a regularly established religious or philanthropic institution; or a political candidate or committee.

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