The Building Division is responsible for reviewing building permit applications, issuing building permits, performing building inspections, issuing contractor’s licenses, enforcing building codes, and maintaining building records.

General Email: 

Permit Submittal:  Use the above general email to submit for building permits.  There is also a drop-off box for larger submittals and/or large rolled plan sets.  The box is located just to the left of the front doors of City Hall.

Building Inspection Number - 303-604-3822

In August, 2020, the City adopted the National Electrical Code 2020. 

The City of Lafayette Planning and Building department is committed to the safety of the community and is proactively taking steps to limit potential social spread of COVID-19. In an attempt to accommodate social distancing recommendations the Planning and Building Department and City Hall remains closed to the public.  We are committed to providing the best level of service possible considering the current situation. The Planning and Building department is accepting applications for building permits and development review applications.  

Applications for building permit can be filed using our existing standard online checklists.  Email permit applications to  Please be advised that building inspections resulting from new applications will be subject to our present COVID-19 inspection protocol and may be delayed depending on the type of inspection.

In light of the current health situation, we will not be conducting building inspections for all occupied residential, commercial and industrial buildings. For the time being, we WILL be conducting inspections on all new construction where the building is not currently occupied.  See the Building Division inspection specifics below.

Applications and handouts are available online by clicking on this link. or you may click on the direct links below for the following application forms;

Building Permit Applications
Contractor License Application
Lawful Presence Affidavit
Mobile Home Plat Plan
Sign Permit Application
Temporary Outdoor Sales, Storage or Display of Merchandise

Building Division
Inspections - inspections of occupied buildings will not occur except as follows:

  • Emergency inspections necessary for essential operations will be provided.
  • Inspections of new construction and other exteriors inspections such as reroofing will continue.
  • Virtual inspections for Residential Dwellings Requirements: 

In an effort to comply with the Governor’s Executive Public Health Order regarding COVID-19, the Building Department has adopted new policies regarding inspections of existing occupied residences.  Generally speaking, on-site inspections of occupied residences will not be performed during the current COVID-19 protocol.  However, the Building Department has now begun to accept requests for Virtual Inspections depending upon our daily inspection load.

Requests for virtual inspections need to be received on our existing Building Inspection voicemail system and need to be specified as a Virtual Inspection request on an occupied residence.  A return phone number is required to accommodate scheduling.

Virtual inspections will be decided by the Building Official and scheduled based on daily available staff.  Not all requests are guaranteed to occur on the date requested and some virtual requests may be deemed as low priority and not performed at all.

The contractor must be prepared for a virtual inspection.  We will perform the virtual inspection using FaceTime.  The strength of the connection should be verified before initiating FaceTime with the City.  Tools such as, GFCI tester, flashlight, ample room lighting, tape measure, ladder, etc. must be present.  Upon completion of a virtual inspection and any required repairs, an affidavit from the electrician and plumber will be required stating that they have performed all of their work per the applicable codes.  Virtual inspections will be noted as a COVID-19 Inspection on City records.  Virtual inspections will cease to be performed when the Governor’s Executive Public Health Order is terminated.

Contact the inspection request line at 303-604-3822 to schedule an inspection.

Applications for new signs may be mailed or submitted electronically for review. Once the permit has been processed and approved you will be contacted by staff with the permit amount. Once payment has been processed your permit and receipt will be mailed or emailed to you.

Permits for Temporary Signs/Banners may be submitted via email or regular mail. They will be processed and if approved you will be notified by phone or email the permit is ready.

Payment for all permits currently approved or under review and any license applications may be made by check with a self-addressed stamped envelope large enough to accommodate your plans sets and deposited in the water billing drop box located near the front entrance to City Hall. This box will be checked daily. Once payment has been received, your permit will be processed and mailed to you along with any plans and your receipt of payment. 

New filing requirements for commercial plan reviews: 1 set of plans and 2 jump drives will now be required for new commercial buildings and TI/Remodel permits. See the Commercial Checklist and TI/Remodel Checklist for all requirements.

Effective 5-6-19, a permit will no longer be required for replacing like for like windows. A permit will be required for window replacements that have a size change or a new opening. 


Roofing Code Information/Checklist

Reroof Inspection Requirements:

Hail FAQ

  • To schedule an inspection an inspection call: 303-604-3822
  • Reroof Inspections are done Monday thru Friday between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. We are not able to give you an ETA for reroof inspections.
  • Make sure roof is not covered with snow before you call for an inspection. A reinspection fee will be charged if inspector is called out for a reroof inspection on a snow covered roof.
  • No mid-roof inspections: one final roof inspection.
  • Ladder required (effective 10-14-19)
  • If roof pitch is over 5/12, please note that on the yellow inspection card and include the roof pitch when you schedule your inspection.
  • Effective March 15, 2021, you will need to post documentation or packaging of Class 4 shingles on site.
  • Yellow inspection record card needs to be posted at job site.
  • Results of inspection are written on the inspection record card which is left at job site after inspection.

Inspection Line Number: 303-604-3822

Mission Statement

To protect the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of Lafayette and the general public by ensuring that building structures in Lafayette are safe and conform to building codes. Assist citizens and contractors in understanding and complying with the building codes.