Code Compliance


The Code Compliance Division is responsible for enforcing the municipal code regulations relating to nuisance and land use violations. The Code Compliance Division reviews Code Compliance Information to learn more.

Animal control questions or complaints are handled by the police department's animal control division at 303-441-4444.

The City of Lafayette Planning and Building Department is committed to the safety of the community and is proactively taking steps to limit potential social spread of COVID-19. In an attempt to accommodate social distancing recommendations the Planning and Building Department and City Hall will be closed to the public.   

Neighborhood Services (Code Enforcement)
Neighborhood services will still be responding to violations received via, phone, email or the City’s online portal. Direct contact with residents will be discouraged. All potential violators will be contacted via phone, email or letter.

Electronic or mailed submittals for goat, chicken, pigs and bee permit applications will be accepted. If submitting by mail a check for the application review must be included.

Permits for temporary outdoor sales storage or display of merchandise will be processed on an individual basis with current health department recommendations being taken under consideration. This could mean an extended delay in processing the permit as the health department recommendations are changing frequently.

Permits for Temporary Signs/Banners may be submitted via email or regular mail. They will be processed and if approved you will be notified by phone or email the permit is ready.

Applications for new signs may be mailed or submitted electronically for review. Once the permit has been processed and approved you will be contacted by staff with the permit amount. Once payment has been processed your permit and receipt will be mailed or emailed to you.

Applications and handouts are available online by clicking on this link. or you may click on the direct links below for the following application forms:

Sign Permit Application
Temporary Outdoor Sales, Storage or Display of Merchandise
Backyard Chicken License
Beekeeping License
Miniature Goat and Pot Bellied Pigs

Payment for all permits currently approved or under review may be made by check with a self-addressed stamped envelope large enough to accommodate your plan set and deposited in the water billing drop box located near the front entrance to City Hall. This box will be checked daily. Once payment has been received, your permit will be processed and mailed to you along with any plans and your receipt of payment. 


To protect the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of Lafayette and create a more beautiful and viable place to live and work by encouraging compliance through educating the community in regard to municipal code rules and regulations.