Addendum Documents for City Council Packets

Council Meeting DateDocument
August 26, 2019Colorado Department of Transportation / Executive Director Shoshana Lew
August 26, 2019Update on Senate Bill 19-181 Implementation
August 6, 2019Adopting the Flood Insurance Rate Study for Boulder County (O-19-23)
August 6, 2019Recommendations to Council / Prairie Dog Advisory Working Group
July 2, 2019Bonding Rates and Fees / Bond Counsel Jim Manire
June 18, 2019Amending Chapter 26 of the Municipal Code - Presentation
June 4, 2019Comprehensive Plan Launch to Council
June 4, 2019Erie / Lafayette Global IGA
June 4, 20192019 Street Paving Program
May 15, 2018Item IV. Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
May 15, 2018Open Space Advisory Committee Annual Report
May 1, 2018Online Community Engagement
April 17, 2018Community Foundation Trends Report
April 17, 2018BVSD Progress Report on Improvement Projects in Lafayette
January 16, 2018Affordable Housing Fee Amendment Proposal
January 16, 2018Front Porch Streetscape Project / LURA
October 17, 2017SoLa / Copper Stone Apartments
October 17, 2017Silo Subdivision Presentation
October 17, 2017St. James Subdivision Slides
October 17, 2017Library Board Annual Report
October 3, 2017Cultural Arts Presentation
September 19, 2017City Hall Renovation
September 5, 2017Energy Sustainability Advisory Committee Annual Report
September 5, 2017Waste Reduction Advisory Committee Annual Report
September 5, 2017Lafayette Youth Advisory Board / Sugary Drinks
August 15, 2017Growth Management
August 15, 2017Service Expansion Fee
August 1, 20172018 Proposed Recreation Center Fees and Charges
August 1, 20172018 Green Fees and Revenue Presentation
August 1, 2017Old Town Criteria Design Presentation
July 18, 2017Exception to O-17-28 (Moratorium) 510 E. Oak, 303 E. Emma, 307 W. Chester, 504 E. Simpson, 402 E. Geneseo
July 18, 2017Appeal /Certificate of Appropriateness - 209 W. Simpson Street
July 18, 2017Old Town Design Criteria (workshop) Old Town Design Criteria (Item D)
July 5, 2017Presentation - Essenza Architecture Concept Plan for Indian Peaks Patio and Office Addition
July 5, 2017Ambulance Service / User Fees
May 16, 2017Open Space Advisory Committee - Goals and Annual Report
May 16, 2017Silver Creek Park Master Plan
April 18, 2017Workshop Presentation - Lafayette Vision - East Simpson
April 4, 2017Review of City Revenues / Past, Present and Future
April 4, 2017Public Road Traffic Control Evaluation
March 21, 2017Provided to Council during Public Input- ACLU's 9 "Model" policies
November 1, 2016Presentation by Mayor Pro Tem Gustavo Reyna-Public Land Dedication
October, 18, 2016Livable Lafayette Workgroup
October 18, 2016United Nations Association Documents
October 4, 2016Great Outdoors Adventure Water Park at Lamont Does Presentation
October 4, 2016Inspire Initiative Great Outdoors Colorado
October 4, 2016Draft Ordinance / Inclusivity Board
September 6, 2016Design Standards for Public Parking
September 6, 2016Focus on the Future - Open Space Advisory Committee
August 16, 2016Lafayette Peer Empowerment Presentation

August 16, 2016

Lafayette Community Transit Pass Pricing Methodolgy

August 2, 2016

Pavement Management Analysis Presentation