Historic Public Art - Mural Restoration

Help us welcome the mural to its new home at 103 N. Public Road!

(south side of the building along Simpson St.) 

View photos from the December 3, 2016 Dedication Celebration

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Coca-Cola / Hi-Way Bar Mural Project

This Coca-Cola mural represents one colorful stage in the century-long life of the historic structure once located at 201 N. Public Road. Originally constructed during the first decade of the 1900s, the building had served as a pharmacy and multiple bars and restaurants over the years. As the building was being torn down in June of 2015, crews uncovered this exhilarating Coca-Cola mural along the south wall.

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What is it?

A historic, hand-painted public art mural advertising Coca-Cola.

When was it created?

The early 1950s.

Where was it created?

Pat and Gar's Hi-Way Bar - 201 N. Public Road.

Why was it created?

To advertise on Public Road, Lafayette's most historically important automobile thoroughfare - a former branch of the Lincoln Highway and one of the first federally-designated public roads in the U.S.

Why should you care?

The mural is a tangible piece of Lafayette's eclectic past and one of our oldest remaining pieces of public art.

* Mural and motorcycle photography provided by Gerry Morrell