Grass to Garden Program

Replace landscape turf and you may be eligible for a credit on your utility bill

The City of Lafayette is providing residents with information, tools, and resources to incentivize sustainable water conservation. A homeowner may replace 200 sq ft or more of landscape turf with xeric (low-water usage) plants OR earn a utility bill credit when replaced with functional hardscape.

What this means is that, in addition to the monthly water savings you’ll experience by reducing the amount of turf in your yard, you will ALSO receive a one-time credit on your Lafayette utility bill for participating in the program dependent on the option chosen! This program has been available to residents on an annual basis since 2016.

Registration to the Resource Central webinar MUST be completed in order to be eligible for participation. Please call 303-999-3820 x222 to sign up! 

Resource Central Grass to Garden Program Steps

Option 1: Hardscape Replacement:

  • Remove 200 sq ft or more of turf and replace with functional hardscape such as pavers, bricks or flagstone set in sand, rocks, boulder or gravel.
  • Hardscape must be permeable and not account for more than 1/3 of the total landscape.
  • Impermeable surfaces are not acceptable. This includes but is not limited to: concrete, bricks or flagstone mortared into place, thick plastic, and any other structure that does not allow water to penetrate into the ground.
  • Irrigation systems must be capped off in areas being replaced and surrounding heads adjusted to not water replaced areas.
  • Rebate application form must be completed and credit will only be applied to City of Lafayette water utility bill at $1/sq ft. once verification is made of replacement.

Option 2: Softscape Replacement:

  • Remove 200 sq ft. or more of turf and replace with Xeric (low-water usage) plants.
  • Requires irrigation system to be converted to drip irrigation or micro-spray irrigation.
  • Requires mulch on all exposed soil surfaces. Some examples of mulch include; organic material, such as cypress mulch, pine & cedar bark, or wood chips.
  • A Garden In A Box kit of 200 sq ft. and/or a sprinkler to drip irrigation conversion kit will be provided to participating residents at no cost. Additional square footage replacement with Garden In A Box kits will be at cost to Participant.
  • A no cost Garden In A Box garden kit will be provided in lieu of credit on City of Lafayette water utility bill with this option.


Resource Central webinar: Grass to Garden Landscape Sessions MUST be attended in order to be eligible for participation. Please call 303-999-3820 x222 to sign up!

  1. Application will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and only if all requirement of program have been met.
  2. Participants in an HOA community must provide an authorization letter from their HOA for work being performed along with application.
  3. Participant must be City of Lafayette Water Utility customers and named on the water account. Account must be in good standing with City of Lafayette Utility Billing. "In good-standing" means the owner of the water account is not in arrears at the time of this program.
  4. Replacement area must be covered with existing live turf grass being irrigated with potable water at the time the rebate application is approved by City of Lafayette Public Works Department. Areas irrigated with well water are not eligible. Bare earth areas are not eligible. Turf must be in good condition.
  5. Replacement area must be re-landscaped based on a design approved by City of Lafayette Public Works Department, (for commercial, industrial or HOA Participants); approval will be based on the Water-Wise Landscaping Best Practices Manual.
  6. Work may not be started until Participant is notified of the approval of the application.
  7. Turf replacement and landscape conversion must be completed within 120 days of application approval.
  8. The turf replacement program will rebate $1 per square foot of turf removed, with a cap of 1000sq ft., for a maximum rebate of $1,000 per household per year when participating in the hardscape option. The replaced area must not be over 1/3 of either front or back yard.
  9. Completed Project is subject to inspection. Participants will forfeit Program rebates if they do not provide site access to the inspector in a timely manner or if the Participant fails to resolve any significant compliance issues noted as a result of the inspection.
  10. Participant accepts full and exclusive responsibility for any costs related to the Project, without recourse to the City of Lafayette or Resource Central. Participants assume all risk and liability for their Projects.
  11. By participating in the Program, Participant waives and releases the City of Lafayette and Resource Central from any and all claims and causes of action arising out of the replacement of turf and/or purchase, installation or use of the devices purchased in connection with this Program.
  12. Softscape Option will require Participant to email "After" photos of Completed Project within 120 days of application approval to ensure Program requirements are fulfilled.
  13. Hardscape Option will require a visual inspection within 120 days of application approval to ensure Program requirements are fulfilled. A Representative from Resource Central will contact Participant within that timeframe to schedule an inspection.
  14. The Affidavit of Lawful Presence as set forth in Title 24, Article 76.5 CRS is not required for this program as its purpose is not to provide assistance for personal or family needs i.e. a "public benefit" but to incentivize residents to conserve water by providing water utility bill rebates.