811 E. Baseline Rd

The applicant has proposed a redevelopment of the existing mobile home park into a 4 building, 35-unit, multifamily residential development on 1.99 acres. The complex will include two 10-unit buildings, one 9-unit building, one 6-unit building, and clubhouse. A public hearing was held at the August 23, 2016 Planning Commission meeting. The final plan was presented to City Council on February 7, 2017, and approved 

Update March 2018: A proposed revision to the previously approved Site Plan has been submitted to add basements to 17 of the units. The overall plan will now include 18 2-bedroom units and 17 3-bedroom units. This revision is due to the subsurface soils investigation that was completed after the approved planning submittals. This change requires 9 additional parking spaces on site. The new site plan has shifted the southern facing parking, main drive aisle, and the three buildings along E. Baseline Road 9 feet south to allow for additional parking spaces to be added to the north of the drive aisle.

The Planning Commission approved the site plan revisions on March 27, 2018. City Council approved the site plan amendment at the April 17, 2018, public hearing.

This project has been completed.

View the planning flow chart (updated March 2018)
View the original site plan

View the updated site plan (March 2018)

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