Borrowing from other Libraries

Lafayette Public Library is a member of the Flatirons Library Consortium. Lafayette Library cardholders have access to material in the catalogs of other member libraries: Boulder, Broomfield, Longmont, Louisville, and Loveland. When you search our catalog you will see the materials owned by Lafayette as well as those in the other member collections.

How do I get items from other libraries?

  • You can place holds on up to 100 items at a time from within our Library catalog. Your items will be sent to us via courier when they are available.
  • Customers from other member libraries are able to request items from the Lafayette collection.

Can I order items from out of the area using Prospector?

  • All FLC libraries have restored participation in Prospector, effective January 2022. The majority of our hold requests are able to be filled within our Consortium and should be searched first via our Library Catalog.
  • As all Colorado residents are able to hold cards at any library in the state, non-FLC libraries in nearby areas are an option.

How long will it take for items to arrive?

  • Approximately 3-4 days for items from other FLC libraries.

What happens when customers from other libraries request Lafayette’s items?

  • Lafayette cardholders have priority access to Lafayette items. This means that Lafayette items will always fill the requests of Lafayette customers first. Lafayette items will then help fill the requests of customers from other libraries. The hold queue includes requests placed by customers in all member libraries—but there are many copies of items available and the lists move quickly.
  • This system makes it somewhat difficult to calculate exactly when a request will be filled.

When my request arrives how long will I have to pick it up?

  • 7 days from the time of notification.

Where can I return items?

  • You can return items at any member library: Boulder, Broomfield, Lafayette, Longmont, Louisville, or Loveland.

Can I use my Lafayette library card at other libraries?

  • Yes, you can use your Lafayette Library card at all other FLC libraries. You may also get cards at the other libraries in order to access further services.

How do I get a Lafayette card?

How long will books check out?

How are overdue fines charged?

Special Features

    • Family members can enable the ability to manage all accounts online with a single login. Ask staff to show you how!
    • The Lafayette Library does not keep a history of a customer’s checkouts to preserve your privacy—but your online account gives you the ability to "opt in" to keep a history (only accessible to you). You can delete any part of your checkout history at any time.
    • Rate and review books for other customers to see. When you participate in this process, the catalog will generate more personalized suggestions for you. Create lists and post them on social media or share them with friends, book clubs or other groups.
    • Save frequently used searches
    • Limit searches to items of a particular genre or format
    • Check out eBooks directly from the catalog
    • If you don't find the item in your catalog search, click on the Find More Results in Prospector button at the bottom of your search results page. Prospector allows you to request items from public and academic libraries around the state (and a few other states!).