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Finding Common Ground in an Uncommon World

Nov. 9, 2022 - Jan. 8, 2023 
Forty-four artists are featured in this delightful and diverse exhibit curated by the Women's Caucus for Art, Colorado Chapter. This show explores art as a vehicle for wisdom and insight in the search for common ground across identities, backgrounds, communities, and ideologies.

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Past Exhibits

Dia de los Muertos / Day of the Dead

Annual exhibit honoring the Day of the Dead. This year we featured artworks by Jaime Chihuan, Lilian Lara, Jose Mares, and students of Centaurus High School. The gallery also featured a Community Ofrenda where guests honored a lost loved one with a note attached to the ofrenda.

Group exhibition - BIG art 

This group exhibition included large abstract work by twelve Colorado artists working in a diverse range of media: paintings, prints, quilts, mixed media, and digital media. 
The artists featured in this exhibit are Tif Choate, Evan Colbert, Nancy Eastman, 
M.D. Friedman, David Fodel, Adderly Grant Lord, Sally Jordon, Laura Loewen, 
Molly McCrosson, Karen Poulson, Niki Stearman, and Lynn Wooton.

Ishin Denshin: Transmissions from the Heart

Ishin-denshin is a Japanese idiom that refers to "heart-to-heart communication" or shared mutual and unspoken understanding symbolically from the heart, or “uchi” (the inside). Art is an incomparable platform for universal communication between artists and community; it challenges us to look inward and to consider our interconnections and interdependence with others and the world through introspection and empathy. It also opens us up to curiosity, imagination, and possibility. The Japanese Arts Network is grateful for the opportunity to share the unique voices of Colorado artists as they share these heart-centered works.

Racism & Discrimination at the Lafayette Swimming Pool 1934

This exhibit bears the distinction of holding the 2021 Carolyn Bancroft Award by state agency, History Colorado, who lauded it an “outstanding example of a community-driven project that fosters both self-reflection and inspiration in how the public approaches Colorado history.” Rose Lueras was a young Latina woman who led her community in a fight for equal use of the Lafayette public swimming pool. 
Read more about Rose-Lueras-Story and view the exhibit.

OMETEOTL: We Are All One

This exhibit, featuring artists from the Chicano Humanities & Arts Council (CHAC), was about healing through arts and ceremony. Our world, our communities have experienced divisions and tragedies these past two years.  This group show reflected what brings us together as a community. We are individually unique, woven together in light and love. We bring the best of who we are by showcasing our diverse styles and the richness of our culture.

About The Collective

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