Current Vacancies

  1. There are no current openings on the Energy Sustainability Advisory Committee (LESAC). Future openings will be posted here, and will also be listed on the City of Lafayette Volunteer page. Thank you for your interest in serving our community! View other ways to get involved:


The Lafayette Energy Sustainability Advisory Committee (LESAC) is a citizen-member committee which was established to advise City Council on matters related to energy sustainability. Members conduct analysis of benefits and impacts of such matters. The committee’s Sustainability Plan outlines objectives for the reduction of the overall environmental footprint of the City of Lafayette and its residents.


  • The seven members serve three-year terms. There are two alternates.
  • Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm in the Aspen Room at City Hall (2nd Floor).

Members are expected to:

  • Support Lafayette’s goal to protect Natural Resources through conservation, energy efficiency, and clean transportation
  • Attend monthly meetings regularly
  • Support local government initiatives to support local action and policy advocacy
  • Contribute to the development and recommendation of Energy and Climate Action Plans for community wide GHG emission reduction, and Energy and resource Savings
  • Participate in program development and outreach campaigns for Energy Conservation Measures, GHG mitigation strategies, and other programs
  • Help to define Sustainability goals and objectives as necessary
  • Evaluate program opportunities
  • Work collaboratively with other City boards, commissions and departments
  • Evaluate program effectiveness and help track GHG emission reductions
  • Help prepare content for the LESAC website, ads, fliers, and presentations
  • Contribute 5-10 hours per month
  • Share in duties of members including note taking
  • Review and follow policy guidelines and governing documents

Desired Qualifications or Interests

  • Enthusiasm for environmental sustainability
  • Knowledge of GHG emissions and climate change topics in general
  • Knowledge of Sustainability Plans and planning
  • Background in Environmental program development or management
  • Familiarity with renewable energy systems and/or clean energy transportation, energy efficiency, and energy policy.

Contact Liaison

For more information, contact Elizabeth Szorad

  1. Requirements & Duties

    • Resident of Lafayette for at least 12 months (prior to appointment)
    • Registered voter
    • Attend scheduled meetings
    • May be required to attend other meetings or volunteer at special events to promote work of the committee.
  1. About the Process

    The City of Lafayette posts candidate applications (with personal information redacted) online after the deadline for a position has passed. Full applications and supplemental documents (such as resumes) are available from the City Clerk according to the Colorado Open Records Act.

    View redacted applications for recently closed positions (as available)