WRAC Objectives

The Waste Reduction Advisory Committee (WRAC) strives to promote waste reduction through the following objectives:

  • To achieve and maintain fiscal independence by obtaining business sponsorships at events, city funding, and/or grant funding
  • To become and stay involved with local and national networks (like Eco-Cycle, Sierra Club, and Grassroots Recycling)
  • To facilitate and promote waste reduction in the community; this involves expanding waste reduction (recycling / composting) programs and facilities in both the public and private sectors
  • To increase the use of recycled and environmentally-friendly products in the city, county, and state establishments as well as increase the convenience and availability of recycled materials in the community; increase the use of post-consumer products like using recycled paper and increase the recycling of cans, paper, and plastics at city and county facilities
  • To maintain recycling availability, visibility, and education at community events and to continue to increase the zero-waste status of these events
  • To provide waste reduction and energy reduction education at community events