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Current Vacancies

  1. The HRC is now seeking candidates for three regular and one alternate position on the Human Rights Commission. To apply, read the position information on this page, and submit your application (resume and a letter of interest are optional). Selected applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview.

    • Deadline: open until filled.
    • Apply online now (resume/letter will need to be in PDF format to upload)
    • Or, download the printable application: return it, along with your resume and letter, to Melissa Hisel/Human Rights Commission, Lafayette Public Library, 775 W. Baseline Road, Lafayette CO 80026.


Lafayette City Council created the Human Rights Commission (HRC) in 2016. The HRC is committed to evaluating Lafayette City government, programs and processes with an inclusive lens, with a goal of fostering equity, social justice and freedom from fear of persecution based on race, religious belief, country of origin, sexual or gender identity, physical ability or age.


  • The seven members serve three-year terms. There are two alternate positions.
  • Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7pm at the Lafayette Public Library.

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Contact Staff Liaison

For more information, contact the HRC staff liaison Melissa Hisel, Library Director, 303-661-1168.

  1. Requirements & Duties

      • Resident of Lafayette for at least 12 months (prior to appointment)
      • Registered voter
      • Not be in default to the City or to any governmental unit of the state

    In default to the City means:

          • Delinquent on a City utility bill
          • Delinquent on sales tax if you are an owner/operator of a retail business in the City
          • Delinquent on use tax if you are an owner/operator of an entity with a use tax obligation (e.g. construction contractor)
          • You have an outstanding fine owed to the City (e.g., municipal court or administrative citation fine)
          • You own/operate a business that requires a license within the City and your license is not current or you are operating without a license (see Chapter 55 of the Lafayette Code of Ordinances for the types of businesses required to operate with a license)
          • You have an outstanding nuisance abatement order against you and the nuisance has not been remedied and/or the fine has not been paid

    In default to the state or governmental unit of the state (includes Boulder County) means:

        • Delinquent on property tax
        • Delinquent on state income tax or other state taxes
        • Delinquent on state sales or use tax
        • You have an outstanding fine owed to the state or county

    • Attend scheduled meetings
    • May be required to attend other meetings or volunteer at special events to promote work of the committee.
  1. About the Process

    The City of Lafayette posts candidate applications (with personal information redacted) online for open positions and candidates currently being considered.  Full applications and supplemental documents (such as resumes) are available from the City Clerk according to the Colorado Open Records Act.

    View redacted applications for positions (as available)