The Deluxe Rocketship by Jimmy Descant


The Deluxe Spray-It Fire Rocketship

Artist Jimmy Descant
Salida, Colorado
Location: WOW! Children's Museum
110 N. Harrison Avenue; Lafayette
Materials: Found object, Assemblage sculpture
Price: $7,500

Artists Statement: A rocketship depicts futurism and the ascent of Man's mind, as well as what he can do with his hands. This project is one of my large scale sculptures to cast that "WOW" factor immediately for the viewer.

Then... the discussion between people as to the effects and affects of such a piece in the realm of what WAS to be the future and what actually IS, and will be.

My rocketships neither contain or depict any form of guns, bullets, or bombs; they are for the peaceful exploration of time, space, ideas, and cultures. Recycling is a major key, and the finding of the raw materials is a large share of the end result, of which I am a professional in acquiring the vintage and beautiful in out of the way places.

There is no end in America to reusable quality made pieces from the Golden Age of American manufacturing and the inspiration I get from them to create my stylized vision.

I am the Rocketman, and a Severe ReConstructivist! seeking the cool of that inspiration, as well as the message, creating in Salida, CO. and taking it to the world!