Horizon Line by Michael Brohman

Horizon Line

Artist Michael Brohman

Denver, Colorado
Location: Santiago's Mexican Restaurant
104 S. Public Road
Materials: Cast Bronze
Price: $18,000

Artist Statement:

Culture is not static but is in a state of constant change. It is reimagined and reinterpreted as change occurs. My work puts into question what to hold onto and what to release to these forces. It also confronts ownership and values as new influences come into play on one's life. It is an emotional and at times challenging investigation into who we are at this time and place in our history. The works may reference a physical location, the history of place, a perspective or a state of being.

This particular work, "Horizon Line", alludes to the open landscape and our personal interpretation of heritage. The columns symbolize our collective history in which our society is built upon. The tops become landscape in which horses reside. At one time, horses where necessary in our everyday lives but no longer are they. They are reminders of a time when the land was open and unfenced and the horizon was an unknown destination. As one scans the top of this work there is a sense of openness and space. This piece can be nostalgic or it can be a contemporary commentary about freedom and journeys.