Prism IV by Matthais Neumann

M Neumann

Artist Matthais Neumann

Brooklyn, New York
Lafayette Senior Center
103 S. Iowa Ave.

Artists Statement:

My work is situated between architecture and a wide range of artistic practice, with recognized work in multiple fields, exhibited nationally and internationally, including at the Queens Museum, NY, I-Park Foundation, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, Romania, the former Public Museum/SITE:Lab, Grand Rapids, and Manifesta 8, among others.

Most of my work is concerned with material, spatial and social aspects of the built environment and can be seen as an extended practice of architecture. Fluctuating between a wide range of artistic media, I have a particular focus on public art and installations in the public sphere with a recurring interest in the détournement of space and material assembly in ways that allow the audience to appropriate and question notions of material ecology, monumentality and usable versus visual sculptural experience.

Over the past two years I have been engaged with a body of work under the title "basics", which explores an abstracted notion of form, space and utility. The work wants to be experienced both as an abstract sculptural gesture as well as a usable and interactive spatial environment in the public realm. The series of work has had a number of iterations as public installations throughout the US.