Pillars of Society by Scott Mohr

Pillars of Society

Artist Scott Mohr

Longmont, Colorado
Location: Lafayette Florist
Materials: Bronze
Price: $8,000

Artist Statement:

The inspiration for this piece (Pillars of Society) was my father's career as a salesman. One day he showed up at my door with "quota buster" awards he'd received for making his sales quotas over the years. He gave me all these plaques with business men on them saying he thought there was some art there. I said oh indeed there is and cautioned him that he might be getting as crazy as I am. First I made a mold of each business guy and I've been making various art pieces from them ever since.

Being creative to me is a very spiritual thing where I try to connect with higher powers and basically allow myself to just get out of the way!

Public art is very important to helping others get in touch with their spiritual selves by being forced to confront there feelings about the world by interacting with art which they may not have sought out otherwise.

I like that most of my art is bronze and therefore very durable so that allows me to invite the public to actually touch my art. So often in an intimidating art gallery setting this is taboo.