Professional Standards

The Lafayette Police Department is committed to the legal, moral, and ethical policing of our community.

Feedback from residents we contact on a daily basis is vitally important to us. Without this feedback, both positive and negative, we cannot accurately evaluate how the community feels about our performance.

All reports of improper behavior by our officers will be thoroughly investigated and impartially adjudicated. Issues of minor misconduct may be investigated by the officer’s supervisor (supervisory review). Issues of serious misconduct or possible criminal activity will be investigated by a highly trained Internal Affairs Investigator (internal affairs investigation).  When an investigation is substantiated, disciplinary action is taken. When an investigation is not substantiated, the investigation is logged and closed.   

It is equally important to us, that we recognize the positive efforts our officers put in each day. In order to reward positive actions by our officers, please let us know about any positive experiences.

Submit a compliment, complaint, or suggestion

Under the provisions of state law, if you are detained in a traffic stop, you may report any comments, positive or negative, regarding the traffic stop by calling the comment line at 303-661-1455. Your call will be kept confidential to the extent provided by law.

Police Professional Standards Liaison Program

If you do not feel comfortable speaking directly to a police officer, we have arranged for a liaison at Sister Carmen, 655 Aspen Ridge Drive and at Clinica Family Health, 1735 S. Public Road. They can assist in contacting the Lafayette Police Department's professional standards investigator.

Professional Standards Investigations

Internal Affairs
Review Investigations