Program Registration FAQ's

Our online program registration system is currently unavailable.

To register for a program please call 303-665-0469 or email

Have a question about program registration? Check if it is answered below. If not, feel free to call our friendly staff during business hours. 

  • Why does a program say "Unavailable" when I go to register online?
    • Some programs do not accept online registration - if this is the case, it will be stated in the written description of the program, available by click the "Item details icon" (small i in blue circle).
    • OR 
    • The registration period for this class may have not opened up yet. You can check registration periods by clicking here or by looking on the bottom box information that pops up when you click the item details icon.
  • Why does a program say "Full" or "Cancelled"
    • If we have reached the maximum count for a class, it may say "Full" next to the section. You can look for other sections of that class, select another activity, or call 303-665-0469 to be added to the waiting list if there is one for this program.
    • If a class does not meet registration minimums, we may have to cancel the class. This is why you should always register as early as possible! The earlier we know you would like to attend, the more likely that class will run. 
  • How do I reset my password for online registration?
  • What is my username for online registration?
    • The automatically assigned username for your household is your "House Hold Number." 
  • How do I reprint my registration receipt?
    • Once you have logged in to our online registration system, please select "My Account" and then "Reprint Old Receipt" - you can then select the receipt you would like to reprint. 
  • Can I transfer or change classes?