Group Swim Lessons

Ready to make a splash? Join our group swim lessons, where you'll enjoy personalized instruction and small class sizes. With sessions available year-round, seize the moment and plunge into group lessons!

Register online on WebTrac using the links below or in person at the Bob L. Burger Recreation Center.

Swimming girl

Aqua Baby / Tots (ages six - 36 months)

Class Focus: Aqua Baby/Tot classes help children develop a high comfort level in the water. Students will be introduced to putting their faces in the water, blowing bubbles, and floating. This class is a fun and confidence-building experience. 
Prerequisite: One parent must be in the water with each child. Swim diapers are required.

Dolphin (ages three-five years)

Dolphin 1 

Class Focus: Experience being in a class setting and going underwater independently. 
Prerequisite: Children must be ready to participate in a group setting. 

Dolphin 2

Class Focus: Learn to float independently, control breath underwater, and move forward in the water. 
Prerequisite: Blows bubbles after submerging mouth, eyes, and nose without hesitation. 

Dolphin 3

Class Focus: Learn the front crawl stroke with breathing, and be comfortable in deep water. 
Prerequisite: Independently float on front and back and forward movement through the water.

Dolphin 4

Class Focus: Learn front crawl stroke with breathing, be comfortable in deep water, and treading. 
Prerequisite: Swim on front for five yards with coordinated arm and leg movement, roll to back, and float for five seconds.

LEVELS 1-6 (ages 6 years and older)

Level 1

Class Focus: To be in a class setting and go underwater independently. 
Prerequisite: Children must be ready to participate in a group setting. 

Level 2

Class Focus: Floating, breath control underwater, and forward movement in the water.
Prerequisite: Going underwater without hesitation. 

Level 3 Beginner

Class Focus: Front Crawl, deep water adjustment, and treading. 
Prerequisite: Floating on front and back independently and forward movement through the water.

Level 3 Advanced

Class Focus: Front crawl with breathing, elementary backstroke, diving basics, and treading. 
Prerequisite: Level 3 Beginner.

Level 4

Class Focus: Stroke work for four competitive strokes, plus sidestroke, elementary backstroke, and underwater swimming. Prerequisite: Swim 15 yards of front crawl with breathing. 

Level 5

Class Focus: Stroke refinement of competitive strokes, plus work on treading, diving, and turns.
Prerequisite: Swim 25 yards front crawl with breathing, breaststroke, and elementary backstroke. 

Level 6

Class Focus: Increase stroke efficiency and improve endurance. 
Prerequisite: Swim 50 yards each of front crawl and elementary backstroke, 25 yards each of breaststroke and back crawl.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding our swim lessons, don't hesitate to contact our Swim Lesson Coordinator, Melanie Aleman.