Avalon Ave / Avalon Meadows

Sketch Plan Review for a 30 single-family residential subdivision on a 6.41 acre property. The proposal includes two outlots totaling .59 acres (9% of the subject property) to be dedicated to the City as open space and a .73-acre outlot for the detention area to be owned by the HOA. The proposed homes to the north and the open space outlots and detention area adjacent to the City Open Space property to the south and southwest.

The proposed lots range in size from 3,882 to 8,094 square feet with the size of homes to range from 1,400 to 2,400 square feet. The homes will be a mixture of one and two story dwellings with basements. The primary access to the development will be off Avalon Avenue (at the existing curve) with construction of a new T-style intersection as a three-way stop with the addition of a new road between the County Housing Authority property and the City Maintenance Center. The intersection will include a relocation of the pedestrian crosswalk connecting the City's gravel trail to the Coal Creek Trail.

Proposal includes rebuilding and elevating the City's existing open space gravel trail adjacent to the southeastern boundary of the development and replacing the portion of the trail adjacent to the proposed road going into the development. In addition, the applicant proposes to replace the existing chain-link fence with a solid, privacy fence, and plant trees along the roadway.

The Planning Commission approved the Sketch Plan with conditions at the April 25, 2018 public hearing. The Planning Commission approved the Preliminary and Site Plan with conditions at the July 25, 2018 public hearing.

City Council approved the Final Plan and Site Plan/Architectural Review at the November 5, 2018, Public Hearing.

All public processes have concluded. This project has been approved and is in progress.

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