Indian Peaks Marketplace

Highway 42 and Baseline Road / Indian Peaks Filing No. 18 (Indian Peaks Marketplace) Final Plan

North Lot: Southwest corner of Highway 42 and Baseline Road.
South Lot:  Northwest corner of Highway 42 and Paschal Drive.  

North Lot: 15,750 square feet of restaurant and retail on 2.7-acre site.
South Lot:  39,350 square feet of restaurant, retail, and office on a 3.4-acre site. 

PLANNED USE:  Restaurant, retail, and office.

PHASING:  Commercial only with Phase 1.  Potential residential for Phase 2.

DEVELOPMENT PROCESS:  The Sketch Plan was approved by the Planning Commission on July 23, 2019.
View the approved Sketch Plan for the North Parcel
View the approved Sketch Plan for the South Parcel 

The Preliminary Plan was approved by City Council, after an appeal of Planning Commission decision of denial, on Oct. 6, 2020.  
View the approved Preliminary Plan Set

Indian Peaks Filing No. 18 (Indian Peaks Commercial) Final Plan includes Subdivision Plat, Planned Unit Development (PUD), Rezoning, and Site Plan/Architectural Review applications.

The previous Special Use Review application for a drive-through was withdrawn by the applicant.

View the Final Plans 

Site Plan North (link)
Site Plan South (link)
Building Elevations North (link)
Building Elevations South (link)

CITY COUNCIL MEETING DATE:  May 18, 2021.  Agenda Link

On May 18, City Council approved First Reading / Ordinance No. 09, Series 2021 (as amended) / Zoning certain land from Developing Resource (DR) to Community Service Business (B1) - Planned Unit Development (PUD) Zone District; and approving the Indian Peaks Marketplace Final Planned Unit Development Plan.  The amendment made requires the establishment of a business association to help facilitate maintenance and upkeep of the development.  The rezoning was approved on Second Reading (Ordinance No. 09, Series 2021) on June 1, 2021.

City Council approved the Final Plat for Indian Peaks Filing No. 18.  City Council also approved the Site Plan/Architectural Review for Lots 1 and 2, Indian Peaks Filing No. 18 Subdivision.