1380 S Public Road/Bounce Empire

Location: 1380 S Public Road - Miners Crossing Filing No. 5, Lot 1

Size: 2.43 acres

Planned Use:  Bounce Empire, an indoor amusement facility.

Phasing: N/A

Development Process: Planned Unit Development (PUD) Amendment and Site Plan/Architectural Review

  • PUD Amendment will be an administrative review with referral to the Planning Commission.
  • The Site Plan/Architectural Review will be reviewed by the Planning Commission with a recommendation to City Council.
  • City Council will review and decide on the Site Plan/Architectural Review.

Currently under Review:  PUD Amendment to reduce front setback from 20 feet to 12 feet to allow for a 1,139 square foot balcony at the main entry. Site Plan/Architectural Review of a 2,175 square foot addition on the east side (rear) of the building, a 1,139 square foot balcony on the west side (front of the building), and modifications to the elevations.

Review the plans: