Lafayette Recreation Fitness Programs

Lafayette Recreation offers a variety of fitness programs for all ages and abilities. From our drop-in fitness classes to session based courses or small group fitness training, we are here to help you reach your fitness goals!

Here are some highlights of the different type of fitness resources we offer. Try one or try them all! Click the titles to learn more.

Drop-In Fitness

Small Group Fitness

  • Great for when you are committed to your fitness goals and can make the same class at the same time consistently.
  • Progress-based training builds on what you learned in previous classes.
  • Get results! These classes are designed by fitness professionals to help you reach fitness goals, and learn skills to help you get and stay in shape.

Personal Training

  • Dedicated, one-on-one fitness support.
  • Get personalized training designed by a certified professional to fit your specific needs and goals .
  • Accountability helps you build healthy habits, and motivate you to keep coming into the gym all year-round.

Aqua Fitness

  • Cardio without the impact! Get your heart rate up while giving your joints a break.
  • Resistance = results! The natural resistance of water helps increase strength training without bulky weights.
  • Enjoy the sunshine - take an outdoor aqua fitness class at The Great Outdoors Waterpark, Waneka Lake, or stay fit when the weather is stormy at the Bob Burger Recreation Center.

Mind & Body Fitness

  • A healthy way to relive stress and keep moving.
  • Challenge your body and your mind in these classes as you build focus and clarity while maintaining movement.
  • Take it down a notch; allow your body to recover from high impact workouts and find your zen.