Baseline Old Town Village / 404 W Baseline Rd

Baseline Old Town Village is a Minor Subdivision, Special Use Review, Site Plan and Architectural Review, and Preliminary Planned Unit Development to develop a three building mixed use project at the property. The subject property is zoned B1 (Community Service Business) located in LURA; mixed-use developments require special use review. The proposal consists of 12 residential units and approximately 6,765 sq. ft. of commercial/retail/office use space. The two buildings adjacent to Baseline Road are two-story in height, the building adjacent to alley is three-story in height.

The applicant is requesting the following code amendments;

  • 25 feet building setback to Baseline Road request for 8 feet
  • 10 feet building setback to alley request for 8 feet
  • Minimum landscaped area from 15 % to 14.2%
  • Multiple building on a lot. Request for three.
  • Dwelling units per acre allowed in B1 (10/acre) to 16/acre
  • Increase in small vehicle parking spaces to from 10 to 12 permitted

Planning Commission approved Baseline Old Town Village with conditions at the March 26, 2019 public hearing.

City Council approved the Minor Subdivision, Special Use Review, and Preliminary Plan Unit Development at their April 2, 2019 meeting.

All public meetings are complete and the project is in progress.

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Baseline Oldtown Village site plan
Baseline Old Town color rendering