Turtle-Dove Chimera by Annette Coleman 

Turtle-Dove Chimera

Artist Annette Coleman

from Lakewood, Colorado

Location: West Cannon St. and South Public Road - back yard

Materials: stained glass, Thinset concrete, grout, steel base

Price: $12,000

Installed in the summer of 2020, Turtle-Dove Chimera was an early arrival for the 2021 Art on the Street exhibit.

Artist Statement

Chimera, in Greek Mythology, is a fire-breathing female monster, but this contemporary creature is one of peace. Combining a dove and sea turtle "Turtle Dove" combines the best attributes in each realm. This Chimera can swim and fly, and by so doing spreads much needed peace and love in each journey.

I’ve been focused on Earth’s ecology from the beginning of my art career and have been dreaming of other worlds where life has transformed into fantastical animals that combine the best from each species. Water, air, and earth are permeable in my imagined world where creatures transform and enjoy a collaborative existence where each being is respected and loved.

The sculptures I create based on this transformation are abstracted so that the viewer can bring their own perspective to the experience. I’m looking forward to seeing "Turtle-Dove" take flight. I encourage studio visits at any time during the creation of my sculptures, please call for an appointment anytime.