Form in Red by Joe Forrest Sackett - Winner 2019 Most Inspiring Award


Artist Joe Forrest Sackett

from Albuquerque, New Mexico

Location: Festival Plaza West (pumphouse)

Materials: painted steel

Price: $5,500

Artist Statement

My work is often abstract and sometimes geometrically based. Themes are varied. I want my work to be provocative. I also want things to look good. I value craftsmanship, and I take pleasure in doing my own labor. I use simple materials like wood or steel and work to make something memorable from them. Techniques include welding, forging, casting, and carving. I have created sculptural works for numerous municipal and university outdoor sculpture exhibitions in several states, and I make smaller work suitable for indoor exhibition. My work is in private collections in New Mexico and elsewhere.

"Form In Red" is an abstract geometrical study. It's a three-dimensional trapezoidal object, including positive and negative spaces, assembled from ten individual two-dimensional trapezoid plates. The idea was to create a pleasingly space-filling form from flat components while maintaining a consistent discipline.