Great Bark Dog Park Compost Program

New compost program at the Great Bark Dog Park

Help make the dog park waste-free

The Lafayette Parks, Recreation & Open Space Department, in collaboration with the Lafayette Waste Reduction Committee, is pleased to announce the launch of a pilot dog waste composting program at the Great Bark Dog Park. Dog waste can be challenging for communities to deal with, and most of it ends up in landfills where it contributes to emissions from methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Nationwide, pet dogs produce over 10 million tons of poop each year, and Lafayette wants to do what we can to minimize our contribution.

Effective April 15, 2019, Great Bark Dog Park users will now be asked to use the compostable waste bags and the separate "dog waste" trash bins provided at the park. Plastic bags brought to the park are not compostable, so it is imperative that pet owners at the park utilize the compostable bags provided for free, and not plastic bags brought from home. What are the benefits of dog waste composting?

  • Composting reduces the amount of material deposited in landfills.
  • Composting removes raw dog waste from the environment where it can pollute groundwater and streams.
  • Good composting destroys pathogens and produces a safe soil amendment.
  • Good composting produces a quality soil additive that improves both the physical condition and fertility of the soil.
Dog Waste Composting poster

Program update - April 19


PetScoop (our dog waste contractor) is reporting approximately 300 lbs of total waste since Monday (**VERY awesome!**) They delivered two additional compost bins today to handle an overwhelmingly positive response to the program in less than 4 days! Congratulations everyone!!

Twenty pounds of that number used non-compostable bags, and one pound of the collection was trash. Those numbers aren't horrible, but neither of these items are able to be composted, and both will be moved to trash/landfill.

The bad news... Ecocycle arrived at the dog park today to pick up the recycling bins and they were full of dog waste. Ecocycle was not able to take the recycling, and since it is contaminated, we will have to place the items into the trash. If this practice continues, Ecocyle will not be able to service the park for recycling.

Please be sure to follow the signs and place your trash/recycling/compost into the appropriate bins - it really does matter!

We would also appreciate your help to educate others who may not be paying attention, and are disposing of items incorrectly.

Overall, great job everyone. PetScoop felt the program is off to an excellent start. Thank you Lafayette! Be sure to share your Great Bark Dog Park photos on Instagram and tag them with #whatmakeslafayettegreat