Andy Castellano

Andy Castellano, personal trainer, "you're capable of much more than you think. Be your own su

My Philosophy:

If what you've been doing hasn't gotten you there, then we need to make some changes. We'll work together to find ways to get better results from the exercise you enjoy doing, and we'll find some new things to try that will improve your strength and fitness in your favorite activities and everyday life.

I Specialize in:

  • Running, Cycling, Swimming
  • Sports Strength & Agility
  • Building a Good & Strong Foundation
  • Beginning Clients who need a game plan

About Me:

I've been where you are: I've had a decades-long fight to lose weight, recover from injury, correct muscle imbalances, get stronger and faster, and prepare for getting older. I've changed sports, tried new things and revisited old ideas. I've cycled and swum with professional athletes, and I've taught beginners how to jog. Whatever you're struggling with, I've climbed many of the same obstacles, and I'll help you get past it too. I have a very wide base of knowledge, a very thorough study of anatomy, and tons of experiences to draw upon, so I know some very creative and non-intuitive ways to help you get past the sticking points and on your way. Sometimes, becoming a faster runner doesn't require extra running.

Whatever you want to accomplish, there's a fun and rewarding way to get there and we're going to find it together and make you the best you you've ever been.


Running, cycling, and of course, swimming. I really like to focus on strength training for sports and improving your movement.

I focus on building a good and strong foundation first, then enhancing performance and strength from there. We'll find your quirks and kinks and straighten them out, then make you stronger and capable! Good movement comes from a balance of strength, mobility, endurance and coordination.


  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • US Masters Swimming Coach
  • Functional Movement and Integration Specialist


  • Most weekdays, especially Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, some weekends
  • Single or dual sessions