Personal Training

How to pick a personal trainer
  • Learn about our personal trainers  to find a trainer that fits your needs.
  • Fill out the Personal Training Request Form. If you have a specific trainer that you would like to work with, please indicate that on the form. If you are uncertain which trainer would be the best for you, we will use your information to select the best trainer to suit your needs. 
  • Your Personal Trainer will be in touch with you to schedule a FREE 30-minute Initial Consultation. Please bring your Client Registration package to the Initial Consultation. 
    1. Download fillable Client Registration Packet (PDF).
    2. Or request a client registration packet at our front desk.
  • After meeting with your trainer, purchase your Personal Training Package with our friendly staff at the Front Desk.
  • Schedule your sessions directly with your trainer to suit your schedule.
  • Get in the best shape of your life!

Personal Training Package Information

Number of ClientsNumber of SessionsPrice per Person 
One1R $49 / NR $59
One3R $135 / NR $145
One10R $430 / NR $440
Two or more1R $35 / NR $45
Two or more3R $96 / NR $106
Two or more10R $300 / NR $310

All Personal Training Sessions are one hour in length

The  30-minute Initial Consultation is FREE

If you need more information or help finding a personal trainer please email Lexi Bulich, Bob Burger Recreation Center Fitness Coordinator.

Cancellation Policy

All scheduled appointments require a 24-hour cancellation notice. Please get in touch with your trainer if you cannot attend a session. If you cannot reach your trainer, please call the front desk at 303-665-0469. If a 24-hour cancellation is not received, you will be charged the entire session.