Hero's Journey by Darrell Ansted

Hero's Journey steel sculpture
Artist Darrell Ansted

Darrell Ansted

from Boulder, Colorado

Location: 107 S. Public Road

Materials: Steel

Price: $8,000

Artist Statement

I enjoy creating art that is BIG, physical, experiential, and interactive. My work has a strong physical presence and technically challenging structures that have been a hallmark of my career. Patterns and shapes have been persistent themes for me throughout my life, and as my work has matured, its manifestations have taken on ever more grounded abstract forms.

In my most recent work, I am interested in finding or imposing ordered patterns on the chaotic. The Heroes Journey series of sculptures and installations involve various circle shapes and sizes. The circle of the Heroes Journey is propelled into motion by the invisible calling of self to action, leading us to return to tell the story of our journey through life.