Pollinators by Gregory Fields

Pollinators ceramic and steel sculpture

Gregory Fields

from Louisville, Colorado

Location: 103 S. Iowa Ave. (around the corner on Simpson)

Materials: Glazed Ceramic, Powder Coated Steel, Cement

Price: $7,100

Artist Statement

I create sculptures that feature the interplay of glazed ceramic and welded steel. Richly textured, and sometimes playful clay forms are cradled by the solid metal. Quiet, often circular shapes hold abstract clay explorations in my smaller pieces. Birds, animals, plants, and other natural forms take shape on tall pillar sculptures or in colorful ceramic murals.

Two decades spent in a monastery bring a contemplative spirit into much of my work. I feel a deep, serene beauty underlying the intense struggles of life, and seek to express this through imagery carved in the ancient and malleable clay medium.