Transportation Updates

Via Mobility Services
Waiving Fares Through End of April, Increasing Frequency of Cleaning and Sanitizing Vehicles, Trying to Keep Trips to One Passenger at a Time, Delivering Groceries

RTD Board at Rear Doors and Fares Temporarily Suspended 
RTD will temporarily suspend fares and institute rear-boarding on buses starting Sunday, April 5.

RTD Access-a-Ride
Increasing Frequency of Cleaning Buses, Delivering Groceries to Access-a-Ride Certified Passengers

 Accepting New Clients for Carryout Caravan Grocery Delivery Service (60 years or older)

TNC - Lyft
Temporarily Stopping Shared Rides, Providing Hand Sanitizer and Cleaning Supplies to Drivers

TNC - Uber
 Providing Disinfectants to Driver, Delivering Food "Leave At Door" via Uber Eats

Reducing Cost of Pay-per-Trip Pass (Casual Cruiser) to only $1/trip (for the first 30 minutes)