Abby B.

Abby-Doing our Part Lafayette Story

Abby and her family created a paper banner for the back of their fence to display for all of Lafayette to enjoy. Under the stay-at-home order, Abby and her family have taken time to slow down by working on projects around the house and focusing on self-care.

Abby says “I am fortunate to have a pretty healthy family but we are not taking that for granted. The virus doesn’t discriminate; we are all in this together.”

Abby finds joy all around her and says “Love and hope spread like a virus; It’s time to infect the world with that now.”

Thank you Abby B for spreading joy and happiness in Lafayette!

Paula Z. 

Paula, Doing our Part Lafayette

Paula works at Lafayette Natural Grocers on the weekends and wouldn’t trade her job for anything, especially right now. Every time she is there, she has many customers thank her for the work she is doing.

Paula says “I’m glad I can be there...Our store is the best because we have an awesome staff that keep everything clean and stocked.”

Thank you Paula and all front line workers! 


Doing Our Part Lafayette, Fusion

Fusion is the world’s largest mannequin manufacturing company and has been in operation in Lafayette for over 6 years. Fusion recently announced Project Covid Halo, a medical face shield manufacturing project born out of the sheer willingness to help solve the critical need of medical equipment in the healthcare community during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fusion is producing 2,250 medical face kits per day that will be provided to medical facilities across the state.

Fusion is inspired by all the small businesses around the country stepping up to help solve the need to more PPE. Fusion says “We knew that we had the capabilities so it was just a matter of making it happen.”

Thank you Fusion! To learn more about Fusion’s Project Covid Halo see here:

Melissa D.

Melissa D Story, doing our part lafayette

Melissa D and her children recently made a sign to celebrate heroes and posted the sign on the corner of their house’s fence on 111th street. The sign gives thanks to grocery workers, healthcare workers, first responders, and others. Melissa says “We see you. We thank you. We will do our best to keep you safe.”

Melissa’s sign is one of many in Lafayette and showcases how our community is Doing Our Part to lift each other up.

Melissa says “Be more than your fear. Be a beloved community of courage and hope.” 

Kimmie H.

Kimmie H sewing masks

Kimmie’s passion is sewing and quilting; she enjoys making dresses for her granddaughter and sewing quilts for her loved ones. In recent weeks Kimmie’s passion has transitioned into sewing hundreds of masks to donate to hospital workers, the elderly, and others in the community. Kimmie shares “I even ran after the mail man the other day to hand him a mask.”

When asked why she decided to sew so many masks, Kimmie replied “I think this is exactly what I am meant to be doing. I, myself am considered a vulnerable population and as such have not been outside the house in weeks. I am having a Rosie the Riveter moment by sewing masks and think this is the best way to do what I can during this time.”

Kimmie is a resident of Lafayette, Colorado and is proud to be part of Doing Our Part Lafayette.


Kate S. 

Katherine, Doing our Part Lafayette Story 

Kate S. shared her story on her Instagram page, where she described a day when her family moved their bouncy house inside and the thoughts watching her husband and toddler play while they practiced staying inside during COVID-19. 

"These times are uncertain and hard. The outside world is so scary for so many reasons. But when Grace grows up I pray she remembers the fun for the bouncy house in the basement, the morning snuggles, having lunch together and having more times as a family."