Inform. Engage. Inspire.

The Communications Department works to enhance communication between City departments and Lafayette residents, the media, and other interested parties. Citywide communications are handled by the Department and include public relations, media inquiries, and community engagement.  

Effective communication assists the City of Lafayette and benefits residents in many ways:

  • Communication Informs. Informed residents are better equipped to anticipate, understand, and participate in both simple and complex issues facing the City and residents. Informed residents are aware and more knowledgeable of the services and amenities available to them, and are able to more effectively formulate educated opinions.
  • Communication Engages. When a broad range of residents are able to understand and meaningfully participate in issues and activities, public opinion is better represented. Public participation empowers and guides sustainable municipal decisions by recognizing, assembling, and communicating the needs and interests of all participants.
  • Communication Inspires. Positive perceptions and a trustworthy reputation can lead to many advancements for the City such as active citizen participation, overall community attraction, successful businesses and employer expansion, and desirable real estate. When residents are proud of their City, aware of its accomplishments, and hear its positive stories, they are more likely to participate and support activities and direction.

Roles and responsibilities

The Communications Department oversees the following: 

  • Website 
  • Social media 
  • Lafayette Connection newsletter 
  • Media relations
  • Marketing campaigns and collateral 
  • Public information 
  • Public outreach and engagement
  • City branding

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Media Inquiries

Email Communications Director, Debbie Wilmot