Silo Project

LOCATION: South side of Arapahoe Road approximately one-quarter mile west of Highway 287.

SIZE: 80 acres

PLANNED USE: 453 single-family and multi-family homes and less than 10,000 square feet of neighborhood commercial primarily associated with the proposed CSA farm.

PHASING: Home will be built in several phases. 


  • Project Sketch Plan and Rezoning were approved in December 2015
  • Annexation application was approved in May 2016
  • Preliminary Plan was approved by the Planning Commission in November 2016
  • Final Plan was approved by City Council on Oct. 17, 2017
  • City Council granted a recording extension for the Silo Subdivision Final Plan because of delays involving the ditch-related agreements and engineering for the project. The final plan was recorded in April 2020.
  • City Council approved a Right-of-Way Vacation and Final Plat in November 2021 to amend portions of the south/Phase 1 street and lot alignment.
  • Staff approved a minor Site Plan/Architectural Amendment and minor PUD amendment in September 2022 so that the new lot lines are correctly reflected on the Site Plan and PUD documents.

CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW:  No applications are currently under review. 

PROJECT REVIEW: New information will be posted when received.