Water Conservation Programs

The City of Lafayette’s Public Works Department has partnered with Resource Central to offer the following programs to residents to save water and money:

Garden In A Box

Water is essential for the life that we love – in addition to basics like drinking water and agriculture, it also fuels our recreation, businesses, and (of course) beer. In a semi-arid state like Colorado, it’s particularly important for each of us to play our part, however small, in conserving such an important resource. Replacing just 100 sq. ft. of your lawn with low-water plants can save over 7,300 gallons of water over the lifetime of the garden. Garden In A Box makes it easy to start saving water today.

Waterwise Landscape Webinars

These expert-led webinars educate and empower Colorado residents to save water on their landscapes through low-water (xeric) landscaping and other sustainable gardening practices. Topics include: DIY low-water landscaping, best xeric plants for Colorado, water-wise landscape design, and much more!

Sprinkler Consultations

Having a green yard doesn’t have to cost more than your monthly mortgage. With water bills shooting sky high each summer, we’re all looking for ways to cut back and save money. Watering your lawn can be one of the main reasons your water costs rise as the weather gets warmer. A Slow the Flow sprinkler consultation will help equip you with the skills to adjust your watering schedule over time so you’re using exactly what your lawn needs as the weather changes. Simple adjustments to your schedule can lead to big savings over time! We all know the true value of water is much higher than just the price you pay on your utility bill.

Grass to Garden

This program makes it easy for residents to beautify their landscape and save water by removing their water-thirsty grass and replacing it with beautiful, water-wise flowers. This innovative program equips residents with the knowledge, resources, plant materials, and landscape design know-how needed to transform a portion of their lawn into a thriving low-water garden – without needing to spend thousands of dollars to hire a professional!

Garden In A Box Impact Infographic
slow the flow Infographic about water saving facts and sprinkler consultations
Grass to garden water savings in a bathtub with flowers

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