1364 Horizon Avenue - Bruzzone Planned Unit Development

LOCATION: Vista Business Park, Lot 26, located east of Horizon Avenue and Panorama Point.

SIZE: 2.6 acres

PLANNED USE: Office, warehouse for distribution


APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW: Planned Unit Development (PUD) to allow a building up to 45 feet in height.

DEVELOPMENT PROCESS: The Planning Commission denied the Planned Unit Development Amendment at their Aug. 25, 2021 meeting. The Planning Commission found that the plan did not comply with the criteria of paragraph(d)(3) of Section 26-18-5. Specifically, that the plan is not in the best interests of the neighborhood because the requested height increase would not be compatible with the surrounding properties, which are subject to the height limitation of the overall PUD. In addition, the applicant has not proven, based upon the evidence presented, that the requested height increase is necessary to develop the property.