2022 Water Rate Adjustments

Water for our future

Providing more sustainable and equitable outcomes for the Lafayette community

Lafayette's water supply is essential for our community's health and safety but climate change, our location in the arid West, securing water rights, exceedingly expensive projects, and the cost to operate and maintain reliable water systems all place financial pressures on the City to provide this service to residents.

Download the Water for Our Future Flyer (mailed to water customers in Dec. 2021)

water for our future graphic screenshot of the flyer

Blue circle with a white envelope iconYour monthly water bill

Monthly bills include a fixed service charge that remains the same each month, plus a tiered charge that is calculated based on the amount of water used. As more water is used, customers may move into a more expensive tier based on that usage. Typical customers see higher bill amounts during summer irrigation months.Lime green button - Residential water rates Opens in new window

Light blue circle with percent signWhat's changing

To generate the necessary revenue to provide I water service, the City has historically increased all user fees by an across-the-board fixed percentage.

The carefully assessed 2022 rate adjustment structure will include some decreases and a more targeted approach to increasing the amount of revenue, fairly charging high water users, protecting vulnerable populations, encouraging conservation, and aligning with community values.

Light blue circle with a white calendar iconWhat's new for 2022

  • Use in the lowest tier will only see a small increase - about $0.0001/gallon - in order to protect affordability for essential indoor water use.
  • Multifamily housing accounts will see a small reduction in their fixed monthly service charge to more equitably allocate costs.
  • The 5% stormwater increase for 2022 has been repealed to help lower impacts for all customers.
  • Customers who irrigate outdoors can expect to fall into higher tiers with higher rates during the summer.
  • Customers who tend to use over 3,000 gallons/month of indoor water will fall into a higher tier with higher rates.
  • This new approach will incentivize users to more thoughtfully consider excessive indoor use and outdoor irrigation in order to be more sustainable and better manage costs.

Lime green circle with a white arrow pointing down How can I lower my water bill?

  • Check for leaks. Repairs can save thousands of gallons per month.
  • Reduce outdoor irrigation. Visit lafayetteco.gov/WaterConservation to learn about audits, turf replacement, garden in a box, and other programs.
  • Talk to your HOA/landlord about what they're doing to be more water-efficient in common areas

Tips to save money and water

Lawns are often our largest water consumer. The good thing is that you can still have a nice lawn while cutting down on your water consumption by following these tips:

  1. Leave your lawn dormant by waiting to turn sprinklers until June. This saves water and you will still have a healthy lawn.
  2. Water your lawn twice a week to make grassroots grow deeper. This allows lawns to last longer.
  3. Avoid watering between 10am and 6pm per the City's water conservation ordinance. This reduces evaporation when it rains.
  4. Raise your lawnmower blades. Taller grass shades the roots and helps retain soil moisture.
  5. Water lawns plants and trees only. Avoiding watering sidewalks and roads conserves water.
  6. Check for broken or poorly positioned sprinkler heads. This avoids wasteful runoff.

It only takes one dry spring or one hot summer to put our region at risk for water shortages. Balance your water use and check out discounts on ways to conserve water.