Water Reclamation Plant Expansion


760 E. County Line Road


6.361 acres

Planned Use

Expanding the City's Water Reclamation Plant

Development Process 

Annexation, Zoning, and Site Plan/Architectural Review. The site plan/architectural review will be an administrative review.

Currently under Review

The City of Lafayette owns two parcels of property located in unincorporated Boulder County immediately west of the existing City water reclamation facility. 

One of the properties is an approximately 100-foot by 1,475-foot strip of former railroad right-of-way purchased by the City in 2020. The other property is a 2.79-acre parcel addressed as 760 E. County Line Road. 

The City is interested in annexing the properties to eventually expand the existing water reclamation plant onto the city-owned properties. The request includes zoning the subject properties and right-of-way P-Public.

In addition to the annexation and zoning of the property, the city is reviewing the site plan for the plant expansion. The plan includes new basis, a pump station, storage building, filtering building, waste solids building, and other equipment for the treatment plant.

Public Hearings  

Status: The Planning Commission reviewed the annexation and rezoning items at its January 12, 2022, regular meeting and forwarded recommendations of approval to the City Council.

On March 23, 2022, the Planning Commission reviewed the site plan/architectural review and recommended approval.

Status: The City Council reviewed the annexation and rezoning items at its January 18, 2022 meeting. On January 18 and February 1, City Council approved First and Second Reading of Ordinance No. 04, Series 2022, Annexing the City-owned property known as Water Reclamation Plant Expansion to the City of Lafayette, Colorado. City Council also approved First and Second Reading of Ordinance No. 5, Series 2022, Zoning Certain City-Owned Land to Public Zoning District.

Next Meeting: April 5, 2022 - City Council Meeting - Site Plan/Architectural Review