Website Accessibility

To better ensure all community members, including people with disabilities, are able to access City information and have a positive user experience, a new accessibility widget has been launched on the City of Lafayette's website. 

From a user standpoint, the City’s new tool provides a comprehensive toolbar that offers things like a reading line to help users better follow along text, color contrast for those with eye strain or varying types of color blindness, the ability to enlarge and space fonts, an audio player, and more. From a website administration perspective, this tool constantly scans the site for accessibility errors and helps immediately remediate identified issues. 

To use this new tool, simply click on the blue person icon in the lower right corner of your screen to reveal the toolbar.

Watch the video

Watch a video and learn more about using the toolbar.

computer and cell phone with the man in blue icon and the Audio Eye accessibility toolbar icon

The toolbar provides these supports and more

  • Enlarges the mouse arrow
  • Reading Line – Helps users to better follow along where they are reading
  • Emphasis Line – Greys out the site and provides a bar that highlights where users are on the page
  • Color Contrast – Provides different levels of color contrast for those with varying types of color blindness
  • Enlarges fonts
  • Spaces out fonts
  • Font change –  One available font in particular is designed to assist people with dyslexia better read content 
  • Highlighting option - For links, headings,  and buttons
  • Display all option - Displays all alternate text
  • Audio Player

The City of Lafayette website is being optimized to conform with the informative guidance provided by WCAG 2.1 AA. In this ongoing effort, certified accessibility professionals have made progress to remove access barriers and will continue to enhance this site for optimal accessibility and usability for all users.