203 E Chester Street /Chester Street Duplex

Location: 203 E Chester Street

Size: 0.16 acres

Planned Use: Duplex

Phasing: N/A

Development Process: 

  1. Planned Unit Development (PUD) to modify setbacks and minimum lot size. This review will be an administrative review with a referral to the Planning Commission.
  2. Site Plan/Architectural Review of 5,003 square foot duplex. The review is administrative.

Currently under Review: The request is to construct a duplex on the property address as 203 E Chester Street and subdivide the property into two fee simple lots. Each unit is proposed to be two stories over a basement, for a combined building square footage of 5,003 square feet and combined lot coverage of 2,097 square feet.

The PUD request includes reducing the interior side setback from five feet to zero feet to allow for a duplex and reducing the minimum lot size from 7,000 square feet to 3,465 square feet. The Site Plan/Architectural Review includes the review of the site plan requirements as well as the building architecture and materials.

Review the plans