Celebrating Earth Month

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Here in Lafayette, we do our best to protect the planet and uphold environmental values. This year we're dedicating the entire month of April to Mother Earth and lowering our carbon footprint.

The City of Lafayette invites community members to celebrate the Earth all month long with a wide variety of activities available for residents, businesses, families, and visitors on how to reduce your environmental footprint and create a sustainable and resilient future. Join us in celebrating the Earth!

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  1. April 3 - E-Bike Rebate Pilot Program

The City of Lafayette is excited to pilot an e-bike rebate program to promote biking as a main form of transportation within our community. With more than 300 days of sunshine, Lafayette is a great place to strap on your helmet and replace daily car trips with biking! 

Apply for an eligible e-bike starting April 3!

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  1. April 12 - Get Caught Up with Composting
  1. April 15 - Compost Giveaway 
  1. April 15 - Mulch Giveaway
  1. April 18 - Green Business Breakfast
  1. April 20 - Youth v Gov - Sustainability Film Series
  1. April 20 - Feed the Pollinators, Feed the Earth Webinar
  1. April 21 - Earth Day Volunteer Event
  1. April 22 - Gas-Powered Mower and Leaf Blower Take Back Event
  1. April 22 - Hard-To-Recycle Event
  1. April 22 - Coal Creek Table Talk
  1. April 29 - Earth Day, Every Day Celebration