Facade Program

LURA Facade Improvement Grant Program

Help enhance Lafayette and apply for the Lafayette Urban Renewal Authority (LURA) Facade Improvement grant. Financial assistance is available to business and property owners who wish to make exterior improvements to commercial and residential buildings within the Urban Renewal Districts.

The LURA Facade Improvement Program enhances and preserves the unique character of Lafayette, improves the economic vitality and marketability of the downtown, and creates an inviting downtown environment that will encourage visitors to stay for extended periods of time.

Facade Improvement Grant Program 2023Grant funding available

Any owner or tenant of a commercial or residential building within the Urban Renewal Districts can use grant funds for improvements made to building facades that are visible to the public from the street, sidewalk, or alley.

The applicant must provide a minimum 50% match for any amount awarded. This grant is eligible for projects up to $50,000 ($25,000 LURA match and $25,000 Owner match). Less than 50% owner match may be considered due to great community benefit or financial hardship. Projects over $50,000 are welcomed and will be considered by the full LURA board and not the sub-committee. Projects under $10,000 will be reviewed by the Executive Director. 

Download the 2023 LURA Façade Improvement Program guide and application. You can also complete your application online

  1. Eligible Improvements
  2. Grant Award Criteria
  3. Application Process

Store front image that has various areas of eligible improvementsOnly improvements made to building facades visible to the public from the street, sidewalk, or alley are eligible.

All facade improvements should comply with the Old Town Design Guidelines in addition to all necessary land use and/or permit approvals.

  • Restoration and cleaning of masonry, including brick, stone, and concrete. Power washing is discouraged as a method to clean brick on any building receiving grant funding
  • Repair or replacement of windows. If windows are the original, historic windows, the repair is preferred
  • Lighting attached to the building that accentuates signage or other significant architectural details of the building. All lighting will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to ensure it complements the building facade
  • Restoration and repair of original architectural details of the building, such as the cornice and window details
  • Removal of inappropriate façade materials
  • Installation or repair of awnings
  • Repair of doors or replacement of doors where it is found the proposed door complements the building facade.
  • Painting. The color should take into consideration the surrounding buildings and the character of the Facade Program Area. Painting over the brick is discouraged. Public art murals may be considered depending on design, scale, and how it improves the facade.
  • Signage. All signage will be reviewed to ensure that it complements the building and the character of the Facade Program Area. Eligible signage may include projecting signs, storefront signs, or restoration of original architectural signs. Generally, signage should not cover distinct architectural features of a building. An approved Sign Permit from the City of Lafayette must be provided with the grant application.
  • Architectural design assistance for an applicant to enlist an architect to provide recommendations on appropriate improvements to the building. 

Building permit fees and other administrative fees that may be required by the City are not eligible for grant funding.