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Stay informed about crime in our community with this daily updated crime map. On this link you can view crimes reported to the Lafayette Police Department (LPD). You can view the whole city or narrow your search to a particular area around an address. Disclaimer: The Lafayette Police Department is providing crime information to the public through The data is based on preliminary incident information and has not been verified or subjected to investigative review and processes which may result in a change in the final crime disposition and/or classification. Additionally, not all incidents may be depicted within the default time frame due to initial reporting processes, but may be available at a later date utilizing the search function. The crime map displays select crime categories; however, LPD does not map the crime category of sex crimes. 

Quarterly Crime Statistics

2021 3rd Quarter

Annual Crime Statistics

2020 Annual Police Report

Colorado Crime Statistics 

Colorado Bureau of Investigation
The Colorado Bureau of Investigation continuously collects data from all law enforcement agencies in the state to make available to the public. Reports on this site are updated nightly, so the most recent content is always available. Crime reporting is fluid. Please be aware that data published in department quarterly and annual reports may differ from this site.