Comprehensive Plan

Lafayette has successfully evolved into a thriving community over the last few decades while retaining much of its small-town flavor. The City is dedicated to remaining eclectic, diverse, and inclusive as it explores how to grow and evolve over the next 20 years. 

Lafayette's first Comprehensive Plan was developed in 1987, updated in 1997, and went through a major review and update in 2003. These updates allow the City to be nimble and responsive to changes in the community and current conditions. The 2021 Comprehensive Plan captures the vision of the Lafayette community that will guide the actions of the City going forward. 

Legacy Lafayette Comprehensive Plan

The 2021 Comprehensive Plan is a completely new, contemporary plan. It outlines the shared heritage of Lafayette, how the community has developed over time, and key issues facing the community. The plan also includes a robust set of recommendations, including policies and strategies.

View the video overview of the Legacy Lafayette Comprehensive Plan

  1. Guidance
  2. Current Projects
  3. City Plans

The Comprehensive Plan is an advisory document intended to guide and coordinate the harmonious development of the City. In accordance with present and future needs, the plan best promotes health, safety, order, convenience, prosperity, and general welfare. 

The plan is implemented through various programs and policies, like:

  • Guiding the creation of a new Development and Zoning Code, a project starting in 2022
  • Guiding decisions about growth, development, natural resource preservation, economic development, affordable housing, transportation, and other topics
  • Serving as a foundation for City plans and projects Informing decisions about how and where to provide City services like transportation, utilities, police, and fire 
  • Reviewing development applications

Planning Framework

Guided by our City's values of building an inclusive, eclectic, and diverse community, the plan is nested within four planning frameworks:

  1. Connected Community
  2. Community Character
  3. Strong Economy
  4. Environmental Stewardship

The Comprehensive Plan is an expression of community values and allows us to be intentional about how and where change occurs. It includes:

  • policies and strategies that help inform how the City develops over time;
  • how that development complements our natural resources
  • the type and level of City services provided to residents;
  • provides context for more fine-grain planning efforts;
  • and, much more.