Planning Handouts

View the handouts and miscellaneous planning forms for your projects.

Administrative Procedures for Residential Permits

The administrative procedure described here is required to regulate the manner by which residential building permits will be issued in accordance with the requirements of the City Charter and City Code.

Backyard Chicken License Application

Use this form to apply for a Backyard Chicken License.

Beekeeping License Application

Use this form to apply for a Beekeeping License

Certificates for Plat Signatures Blocks

Use this as a guide for certificates / signature blocks required on final plats, final PUDs, minor subdivisions, and annexation maps.

Commercial Development Design Guidelines

These design guidelines provide standards of development and design for C1, regional business district, zoned commercial land uses in addition to the requirements of the Lafayette Code of Ordinances. The purpose of the design guidelines is to coordinate the design approach for the different projects in the city and to ensure that the development is cohesive and coordinated.

Community Housing Guidelines

Guidelines are for the city’s Affordable Housing Program.

Community Profile

General demographic information on Lafayette is available in the community profile.

Garage Sale Rules

A permit for a garage sale is no longer required but there are some requirements you need to follow. Check out the rules for having a garage sale.

Floodplain Development Permit Application

A Floodplain Development Permit shall be obtained from the Community Development Department before construction or development begins within any area of special flood hazard as recognized in the adopted Flood Insurance Study as identified in Section 26-23-4 of the Code of Ordinances.

Home Occupation Regulations

Have questions about a home business? Use this form to see what the home occupation regulations are.

Lafayette Urban Renewal Authority (LURA) Architectural Design Standards for Old Town

In addition to other architectural and design standards, these standards shall be used to review all site plans for properties in the Old Town Urban Renewal District.

Lafayette Urban Renewal Authority (LURA) Architectural Review Application

Design review and approval is required for all exterior changes to properties within the Lafayette Urban Renewal District. Use the review application to apply for approval for your exterior change or modification.

Lafayette Urban Renewal Authority (LURA) Vision Statement Design Standards

This document corresponds with the LURA Architectural Design Standards for Old Town and helps to illustrate the intent of the design standards.

Landscape Best Practices Manual

The manual is a great water wise landscaping tool.

Miniature Goat and Pot Bellied Pigs License Application

Use this form to apply for a license for either/or Miniature Goat and Pot Bellied Pigs License Application

Mixed Use Building Complex PUD Standards

Resolution 2006-51, Mandatory and Aspirational Standards for Mixed Use Building Complex PUD projects.

New Business

General information on starting a new business in Lafayette.

Non-Residential Pre-Development Questionnaire

Use this questionnaire when applying for commercial or light industrial development applications.

Old Town Lafayette Design Criteria Summary

The Old Town Lafayette Design Criteria is a summary of a number of code sections that were adjusted via Ordinance No. 30, Series 2017. Use the summary if you are planning to develop or redevelop in the Lafayette Old Town Residential Neighborhood Overlay District.

Old Town Design Resource Book

This resource book offers suggestions, ideas, and a design context for construction in Old Town Lafayette. Use this book when designing an addition or an accessory structure.

Old Town Neighborhood Additional Requirements

Checklist for Old Town Residential Building Permit requirements.

Planning Commission Bylaws

Access the commission’s bylaws.

Prairie Dog Applications

Residential Pre-Development Questionnaire

Use this questionnaire when applying for residential development applications.

Residential PUD Standards

Resolution No. 2006-50, Mandatory and Aspirational PUD Standards for Residential Projects.

Table 26A, Permitted Uses / Zoning Use Chart

Use this table to see if a use is allowed in a particular zoning district.

Table 26B, Setback Information

Use the setback / dimensional standard table to determine your setbacks, height restrictions, and lot coverage. Note that developments constructed since 1990 may have alternate setbacks.

Table 26C, Parking Standards

Use the parking standards table for parking dimensions and parking layout information.

Table 26D, Signage

This signage table gives an overview of sign requirements by zoning district.

Table 26E, Minimum Street Designs and Widths

Refer to this street table for minimum street design and widths.

Temporary Outdoor Sales, Storage, or Display of Merchandise

This handout gives the regulations for temporary outdoor sales, storage, or display of merchandise.

Urban Renewal Plan

Refer to this document for an overview of the Urban Renewal Plan.

Urban Renewal Use Chart

Refer to this chart to verify whether a particular use is permitted in the Urban Renewal District.

Urban Renewal Vision Statement

Read the Urban Renewal Vision Statement.