Development Process


The Planning Division works with residents and businesses to ensure consistency and compliance with the City's Development and Zoning code and the Comprehensive Plan policies and goals. The Division coordinates with the Planning Commission to process and review site plans, special use reviews, rezoning, annexations, and subdivision plans. One of the goals of the Planning Division is to assist you in navigating through the development process and emerging with your annexation, zoning, subdivision, site plan, building permit, and certificate of occupancy.


  • Contact the Planning staff to schedule a pre-application conference. The purpose of this meeting is to familiarize the applicant with the City's requirements and procedures before submitting a formal application.
  • Hold a neighborhood meeting in accordance with Section 26-16-3(c).
  • Complete pre-development questionnaire and schedule a second pre-application conference with planning staff if necessary.
  • Formal submission of application
  • Tech review
  • Public notified if a public hearing is needed through letters and notice published in newspaper
  • Staff report and recommendation written
  • Planning Commission meeting or City Council, if required
  • Written notice of decision
  • Appeal period

Submission Requirements

The application form specific to your development lists the documents / items required for your formal submission. The submission requirements are also reviewed with the applicant during the pre-application conferences and are explained in more detail in Section 26-17 of the Development and Zoning Code of the Municipal Code. Completed applications with accompanying required documents should be submitted to the Lafayette Planning and Building Department at 1290 South Public Road. Application fees are due at time of submission.

Forms / Applications