Chapter 26 of the Municipal Code lists the various zoning districts within the City and includes the regulations for each district. The zoning map indicates the location and boundaries of these districts. If property is annexed into the City, the property is required to be zoned in accordance with the Municipal Code. If a proposed land use does not comply with the zoning district regulations, a re-zoning must be considered before the development can be approved. Zoning and rezonings require public hearings before both Planning Commission and City Council.

Application Process

1. Schedule a pre-application meeting

  • Prior to developing in the City of Lafayette, please schedule a pre-application meeting.   Planned Unit Developments (PUDs) and Special Use Reviews require a pre-application conference. Pre-applications conferences are optional for other types of projects; however, we recommend meeting with staff prior to submitting most land use applications. The meeting will provide direction on necessary applications, plan sets, studies, the process, and a general timeline.
  • Please complete the Pre-Application Conference Form

2. Complete an application

  • Complete an application for each type needed. For example, if you need a Site Plan/Architectural Review and Special Use Review, you will need both applications.

3. Submit completed application form(s) and all supplemental information to:

  • All plan submittals must be done electronically. Paper copies will not be accepted.
  • All plans and supporting documents should be in separate PDF files with descriptive names.
  • Large plans can be submitted through Dropbox or a similar FTP site via a link from that site.
  • Submittals are accepted through Tuesday of each week to enter the review cycle the following week. 

Related Applications / Forms

Pertinent Code Sections

  • Section 26-16 though Section 26-16-3 Review Process
  • Section 26-16-8 Zoning
  • Section 26-17 Application Requirements