Site Plan


Site plan/architectural reviews are required for all developments prior to the issuance of a building permit. All development consisting of five or more residential dwelling units, any commercial or industrial land use, and any development on five or more lots or parcels of land require review by both the Planning Commission and City Council. All other site and architectural plans require review by Planning staff.

Application Process

  • A pre-application meeting with City staff is required before submitting a formal application.
  • Application fees are due at time of submission.
  • Completed applications with accompanying required documents should be submitted to the Lafayette Planning  and Building Department, City Hall, 1290 South Public Road.

Related Applications / Forms

Pertinent Code Sections

  • Section 26-16 Review Procedures
  • Section 26-16-7 Site Plan and Architectural Review
  • Section 26-16-7.1 Site Plan / Architectural Review Criteria
  • Section 26-17 Application Requirements
  • Section 26-19.5 Landscaping